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YZ450F & WR450 V.A.L.E.

Manufacturer: Two-Brothers-Racing

YZ450F & WR450 V.A.L.E.

Rarely does a bike create such a stir. But Yamaha’s YZ450F has turned the world of motocross backwards with innovative technologysurrounding its chassis and unique engine design. Two Brothers Racing has been working hard to perfect their new exhaust system for therevolutionary machine and the results are impressive. With simple slip-on installation and a supreme fit and finish, TBR’s M7 series slip on muffler (available in Aluminum or Filament Wound CarbonFiber construction) boosts power output 3.5 hp over stock and adds 3.5 ft-lbs of torque in the 5,000 rpm-range while maintaining the light andnimble, mass-centralized feel of Yamaha’s newest motocrosser. The Two Brothers M-series off-road stainless/aluminum exhaust systems come complete with a U.S. Forestry Service approved removable screen type spark arrestor.

Our slip-on system will not fit the WR450 OEM head pipe.